About Lacy

Mental Health Provider/Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Crisis Counselor in Kirkland

Lacy is a psychodynamic psychotherapist with experience and specialized training in working in child and adolescent psychology, with mental health disorders, couples and families, and in crisis situations. Lacy blends behavioral mental health treatments into psychoanalytic practice, customizing treatment approaches to be unique to each individual client, utilizing the therapeutic relationship as a foundation in all clinical work. 

Lacy has counseling experience in treating self-harm and mutilation, Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC), and with treating attachment related problems.  Lacy is also Level II certified in Gottman Method couples counseling and has specialized training in suicide prevention.  Outside of traditional psychotherapy, Lacy also provides Play and Art Therapy, psychoeducation, and coaching on the utilization of coping skills.

Lacy is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Clinical Psychology program, graduating in 2018. She currently lives in Kirkland and has many hobbies including traveling, cooking, diving, skiing, art, and spending time with those she loves.

Behind Truth

Before Becoming a Therapist

As a child Lacy struggled with authority, relationships, and isolation.  Lacy dropped out of school without finishing the 6th grade, years later returning for her GED. In her adolescence Lacy ran from her home, turned to substance use, consequentially spent time in juvenile detention centers and in-patient treatment programs, struggled with mental health issues, attachment issues, with suicidal ideation, and with trauma. With the help of a psychotherapist, time, and support, Lacy was able to move into new chapters in life and to find her resilience and achieve recovery. This piece of Lacy's story is part of why Lacy has worked to become the mental health provider she is today, and why research and human development has become a central focus in Lacy's life. Lacy's experiences have helped her to better understand the experiences of others and offer empathy from a genuine place of compassion.